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"St. Francis of Assisi Parish is a Catholic Community acknowledging the workings of the Spirit in our midst as we reach out to all through Eucharist, Prayer, Education and Worship. Our call to faith is inspired by our namesake, St. Francis of Assisi, who challenges us to live and celebrate love and forgiveness, always mindful that service to God is service to others.

We regard our Parish Community as Family. We seek to facilitate the development of a cooperative spirit and to assist each other in facing the joys and sorrows of everyday life.

Committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ, we join other faith communities in fulfilling the mission of the Church."

(Pastoral Council Statement of Mission)

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Fr. Edward F. Doughty
Parochial Vicor:
Paul V. Sullivan
Parochial Vicor:
Fr. John T. Swencki
Bob Breen
Religious Education:
Mea Mustone & Rose Saeed
Faith Formation:
Mark Minear
Youth Ministry:
Doreen Breen
Ministry Manager:
Kristelle Angelli
Director of Music:
Ms. Oksana Berezkina
Business Manager:
Ms. Fran Mavko
Parish Secretary:
Mrs. Marie Van Campen
Bulletin Editor:
Alisa O'Dowd
Office Assistant:
Cassandra Sorrentino

Rectory and Center:     781-396-3400
Religious Education:     781-395-4042

Parish Email:

Religious Education Email:

Bulletin Email:

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Saturday Evening: 4:00 PM
Sunday: 7:30 AM, 11:00 AM
Weekdays: 9:00 AM - Monday though Thursday
Holydays: (as announced)

We are Handicap Accessible.

 No matter what your present status in    the Catholic Church.
 No matter what your current family or    marital situation.
 No matter what your personal history,    age, background, race, etc.
 No matter what your own self-image
   you are invited, welcomed, accepted,
    loved and respected here at
   Saint Francis or Assisi Parish.